About Me


About Me

Howdy! Welcome To My Review Blog, I'm Shashank.

I Am A Full Time Blogger, Making A Living From This New And Dynamic Medium Form Blogs Like Shashank's Review.

I'm Also A Freelancer and Social Media Influencer

On Platforms Like Instagram and Facebook... A greater amount of That Shortly. I Started This Blog A Year Ago On Bloggers Platform To Show Writers Ways To Move Up And Make A Carrier In It.

Numerous People Think That Blogger Is A Dead Platform and You Can't Make Enough Money With It...But Hey Just Give It A Try. Blogger Is A Good Platform For Beginners Who Has Less Knowledge In Coding And Stuff. It's Easy To Setup and Use. You Just Need An Email Id (gmail is fine) To Sign Up And Start Creating Posts. Make Special Post Atleast 10-15 Posts And Then Just Sign Up For An Adsense Account To Run Advertisements On Your Website So That You Can Generate Some Revenue From Your Blog Posts.

Got an inquiry concerning the independent composition amusement? 

It would be ideal if you don't hesitate to remark on blog entries, and don't stress over sentence structure errors you are secured under my Universal Comment Type Forgiveness Insurance Policy. 😀

I'm cheerful to answer inquiries on the blog. I likewise answer inquiries on the post so don't hesitate to make inquiries in remark areas and do pursue my blog.

Why Follow to my blog ? 

It causes you not miss any future posts that could enable you to develop your composition pay — a couple of different reasons:

  1. I want to giveaway free stuff to my supporters.
  2. I here and there send supporters offers,deals,arrangements and limits which I don't post on the blog.

I trust this blog entry urge you to fabricate your very own independent composition site!

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  1. I am really impressed by yoiur website sir i want to learn more about how to make and design beautigull websites please make courses sir and i wanna ask yoiu how you are showing ads on ur website?????

    1. Thank You Chinoy For Showing Such Love To My Contents and yes i will soon upload some courses on website desigining.

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