What is Blogging Platform


What is Blogging Platform

Hello friends i am Shashank and in today's article i will talk about some of the really best blogging platforms and will also try to give you the most asked question answered about what is a blogging platform? 


Earlier, people used to think that a website is just an "static" page hosted online commercials; meaning it was all messed up and filled with all outdated contents. On the opposite hand, there was a journal web site that was often times showing updated with the most recent posts. The journal platform can be used to publish top quality contents on the web within the variety niches of the blog. A journal platform can be a particular it sorts of a own content management system. Let me tell you, the software you'd use for building a website is totally totally different than software program you'd use to code for a journal.

Nowdays many of us use Wordpress and it servises. Free Stuff is good but with paid services you have monitization enabled site, all provided by wordpress you can also take it hosting but to be honest go bluhost aye!

Blogging Platforms

There are some free websites like blogger, tumblr and wordpress which provide free "yes you read it right" free and paid you "read this also right" paid services to be used.

If you're simply trying to make a private journal or share data with others than some free blogging platforms could work out fine. But if you've got any dead set creating cash on-line you just avoid these free blogging platforms and buy a domain purchase a good hosting i suggest you to buy hosting on standard and try code a bit and host on wordpress.

NoteIf soever you're hosting a self-hosted diary with WordPress for your own web site, you'll be able to still like posting to a web site like quora or media.com to succeed in additional individuals and have them realize you.

Alternate Blogging Platforms

We all know it's a bit techinical in coding and stuff with wordpress, some of us often find it HARDICH to use. There are some drag and drop web site builders that are not as technical as WordPress and might be easy for u to produce smart trying websites such as:




Take A Note in mind their are some problem to these website tools they are not easy to customize the site, few other issues with other third-party platforms etc. If you are facing any technical issuse or things gone wrong than you expected you can contact devlopers they do have good customer support agency for Wix. They will provide developers to help fix your problem.

Web Hostings

To Be Honest, best voguish choice for blogging is to use the WordPress platform and it's amazing extension plugins, which you would host on your site. When choosing a hosting account visit youtube for its tutorial and finish some installation and just click and install you are in the cpanel. Many Agencies & Companies are there provide free hostings but will not perform good my reccomendation is HostGator & BlueHost is a popular choice or what should i say specialists alternative.

About "HostGator" it should be a wide acknowledged hosting company that strives to supply reliable hosting solutions at the foremost competitive costs. Their prime priorities unit of measurement providing fast, powerful and reliable hosting solutions at fantastic prices whereas forever maintaining the perfect level of consumer service and client satisfaction. HostGator ought to be doing one factor right as they have been at intervals the hosting business for six years and unit of measurement going stronger than ever. over a innumerable users are business HostGator. Customers with HostGator have alot of quality hosting decisions. there's a hosting decide to meet the needs of everyone. From small websites, to massive ecommerce sites, HostGator includes a reliable and affordable answer. they provide shared, reseller and dedicated hosting services.

About "BlueHost" A cloud-based internet hosting service well-liked for its versatile valuation plans, Bluehost offers shared hosting, virtual non-public servers and reseller hosting picks, in conjunction with domain registration. it's Associate in Nursing easy-to-use interface, implausibly low valuation plans and a single-click installer for people that use WordPress. of course WordPress.org recommends the employment of Bluehost, citing easy installation and management. Not exclusively is that the platform low cost, it jointly provides lower-tier users with advanced choices and fantastic support as a result of it might advanced ones. What’s nice with the service is that it'll assist you exploit the foremost out of Google and Bing advertising. It jointly offers in-house services mistreatment its own fiber connections. Bluehost’s net hosting plans are quite generous particularly in terms of information measure. These packages embody extraordinarily high bandwidths and space for storing at all-time low costs.Searching Engine RankingAdding daily content to your web site on a everyday may be an honest thanks to generate organic traffic and acquire indxed at intervals eighty hours within the prime ten search engines worldwide and obtain real geniune traffic from those that are attempting to find information related to your topic or associated with is that the real key to get organic traffic from the search engines. The factor is to publish quality post, conjointly you wish to try to to some keyword analysis to seek out the topics for what individuals are searching for within the search engines. it's the most effective thanks to optimize your search console and second is to form extremely quality backlinks.

Somewhere or Sometime you may have aur read or maybe listen as a refer to this term "MetaData". A metadata is what which helps telling the search engines about what your website is about. This data sometimes includes a title for your page, an description of your post, and some related keywords. No matter what blogging platform you choose after all it's your call you have to post articles consistency.

Making Money with Your Blog

Yes You can make money with blog or website, you can use your content to host or you can use blogger like on this post to generate revenue for your bank account by displaying ads to your traffic. We can use adsense also we display banner ads here to generate leads or sales. Providing valuable services and amazing contents to clients and to your readers can lead to huge amount of traffic boost for your website. You can also join the Daily Email Credit just view the ad for 8 seconds and you will be credited.

NOTE - You Can Also Be An Affiliate Marketer And Promote Products On Your Website Or You Can Sell E-Books. 

This is it for today i will be uploading more articles related to this content within few weeks. Do tell me in the comments section how was this article i would really appericiate it, this is shashank sighning off stay blessed stay awesome.

- Shashank

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